Happy Me

Take this happiness test to find out how much happy you are!


I can find the good in myself and others.

Even if I have taken an important or risky decision, I still ask others for advice before acting on it.

I actively keep in touch with friends and family.

I make time to pursue my own interests.

I believe that my friends/family will be there for me, if I ever need help.

I know how to calm down and relax when things get too demanding.

I don’t need to check over for mistakes if I have taken the time to do my work well.

People like me when I am myself.

Spending time with myself recharges me.

I have a sense of meaning and purpose in my life.

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Happy Me


Way to go! You are doing great!

Your ability to spot the right things, even in the face of obstacles, keeps you positively charged. Your strong sense of purpose strengthens and motivates you.


You can do better! Believe that you are unique!

You should make an effort to identify your strengths and grow. Focus to chart out a path for self betterment. Reach us to overcome emotional weaknesses and enhance your Self Image.


Red Alert! Your Self belief is at an all time low!

Self doubt and a sense of mistrust is making you feel overwhelmed and helpless. Lack of self confidence allows circumstances to get the better of you. Seek support from a specialist without delay for overcoming obstacles and instilling positivity in your life.

Don’t lose hope!

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