Emotions @ Work

90% of the top performers are high in Emotional Intelligence

Having emotions is a part of being human. Strengthening emotional Intelligence is the gateway to organizational success. It promotes a sense of belonging and propels employees towards meaningful contributions. It determines whether employees are willing to adapt to the corporate culture. In other words, it defines dependability, performance, and loyalty.


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Nano Session

Microlearning one hour modules

Recommended sessions for workplace culture

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

Accept diversity, practice equality and adopt inclusion to gain the trust
& loyalty of Gen Z

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Empathy during reviews & layoffs

Master the right way to communicate & handle difficult conversations in difficult situations

Body Neutrality

Appreciate & Accept your body. Skinny or bulky, short or tall, be thankful that your body functions to support you.

Menstruation Mood

Discover simple practical ways to overcome the erratic surge of difficult emotions each month that are thoughtlessly put aside as hormonal fluctuations and a woman’s physiology.

*The topics are customizable to corporate needs

Essential One Day workshop

Leading Successfully With Emotional Intelligence (EI)

EI is about being aware of your emotions. Understanding emotions is key to harnessing your strengths & overcoming your weaknesses.

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EI is also about understanding how your emotions affect you and the people around you in both the personal and professional front.

The EI one-day workshop will help you manage your emotions, develop positive relationships and overcome obstacles to success. The course covers various tools and techniques to develop self-confidence & transform into a better YOU!

Advanced Two Day Workshop

Experience a breakthrough with Emotional Intelligence (EI)

EI helps understand emotions. It is crucial for a true leader to realize the impact of emotions on performance.

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EI in the workplace is all about implementing intrapersonal skills, understanding different personalities & harnessing productivity through teamwork.

The myndwell two-day workshop is curated to help you to understand your leadership style, delegate tasks effectively and empower your team to accomplish shared goals. The program covers various techniques to manage your emotions with confidence and excel in your role as a Leader.

Want to cultivate an
Emotionally Intelligent workplace?

Psychological First Aid Room

The myndwell support desk

The myndwell Support Desk is an exclusive online Corporate program that enables employees to have
immediate access to mind wellbeing experts. The process guarantees utmost confidentiality and anonymity
to the employees and provides them a private platform to voice their troubles & set right any emotional
disturbance that may be affecting them at home or work.

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