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Myndwell, the psychology wing of SafeGuard Family, celebrates Emotional Wellness.

Emotional wellbeing, that is as important as physical well being, is mostly overlooked either because the symptoms are not obvious or because we are embarrassed to seek help. But, if ignored, emotional scars cause a lifetime of invisible pain.

The Myndwell programs, crafted by a highly qualified and dedicated team of specialists, help overcome mind issues! Seeking expert support does not mean that you are weak but strengthens you by overcoming your weakness.

We strongly believe that Self care is not Selfish!

Our expert panel

Dr Srividhya

Prof. (Dr.) S.Srividhya

Co-Founder & Head of myndwell

Clinical psychologist, Academician & Power coach

Dr. Srividhya is an eminent psychologist with a PhD in Psychology. She has multitudes of

Dr Jayaprakash

Dr. R.Jayaprakash

Cardio-Diabetologist & Medical Director,
Author of CSA Preventive Cardiology

Dr.R.Jayaprakash is a leading cardio diabetologist practising at the multi-speciality Aditya Hospitals, Chennai.

Dr Arthi

Dr. V.Arthi

Child Psychologist

PhD in Psychology, with close to 2 decades of experience, is an authority in counselling and remedial therapy for children with ADHD and LD. She is a highly competent

Dr Kavitha

Dr. M.Kavitha

Diabetologist & Senior Family Physician

Dr.Kavitha is the Senior Family physician and consultant diabetologist. She has vast experience in managing overall health programs in premier

Dr Arthi

Ms. Lalitha Chandrasekhar

Consultant psychologist

Ms. Lalitha Chandrasekhar, M.Phil in Psychology, CBT & Level-1 Hypnotherapy, has over a decade of experience as a counselling psychologist, remedial

Dr Kavitha


Consultant psychologist, ‎NLP Practitioner

Ms.Sowmya, Counselling psychologist, is also certified in NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT), Transactional Analysis(TA), Gestalt therapy

Dr Srividhya

Ms. Athiya Kabir

Consultant psychologist

Athiya Kabir an enthusiastic psychologist committed to assisting individuals in leading satisfying lives. With a master’s degree in Applied Psychology and over 5 years of experience,

Dr Jayaprakash

Ms. Vidya Ravikumar

Consultant psychologist, ‎NLP master Practitioner

A consultant psychologist with a diverse background in both professional and educational environments. She have strong expertise in conducting

Dr Srividhya

Ms. K. Hemalatha

Consultant psychologist, Parenting & Child specialist

​​A Psychologist, Counselor, and Special Child Educator who holds an M.Phil in Psychology. Additionally, She have completed specialized training in Special Education

Dr Jayaprakash

Mr. Rodrick Prashanth R

Consultant Corporate Psychologist

An assistant professor of psychology and he is currently involved as a psychometrician, academic editor, and researcher. His educational background