What is Psychotherapy?

In psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy’, a therapist will work with you to:

  • Build insight about your challenges
  • Develop ways to address those challenges
  • Manage troubling symptoms better

Therapy can help you function optimally, enhance your well-being and support you in your journey.

What are the different methods of Psychotherapy?

There are different methods and approaches to therapy. For example, some types of therapy help you modify how you think and behave, while other types of therapy help you better understand underlying issues by building deeper insight. The approach will be decided based on the issue concerned & the client’s requirements.

How are counseling and psychotherapy different?

Counseling is usually for a short duration, which helps focus on current issues that can be resolved easily at the conscious level. Psychotherapy refers to long-term treatment & requires specific skills to deal with one’s beliefs, emotions & behaviour at the unconscious level

How is mental illness different from a psychological problem?

A mental illness is a condition that interferes with one’s thoughts, emotions & behaviour in their ability to function normally. Psychological problems lead to mental illnesses, if unidentified early.

What are all the psychological problems to which I can get a solution from myndwell?

We, at myndwell, practice treatment modalities for anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders, mood disturbances, couple therapy, learning disabilities, ADHD, postpartum depression, etc.

Why do I need a therapist if I can discuss the issue with my friends/ family?

Counseling is valuable whether a concern appears minimal or overwhelming. Therapists have years of formal training and use evidence-based interventions to support you. They empower and facilitate you to make an informed choice rather than forcing or offering you advice. People who engage in counseling often find the process helpful, to understand themselves better.

How would therapy help me?

Counseling and psychotherapy grant you the opportunity to talk with a trained professional. It gives you a safe, non-judgmental space and encourages you to understand your challenges better. You gain clarity, set realistic goals, and become a better version of yourself. In time, counseling will increase awareness about yourself, your situation, and the choices that are open to you. It will also provide you with structure and support in difficult times. The counselor will not give you advice or make you talk about anything you do not want to talk about.

What are your areas of specialty?
  • Combating stress as well as depression and anxiety
  • Overcoming panic attacks and other emotional problems
  • Handling male and female sexual concerns as well as fetishes
  • Dealing with addictions
  • Resolving fears, phobias, and other obsessive-compulsive behaviors
  • Improving  communication skills
  • Resolving codependency, marriage, and family conflicts
  • Behavioral and adjustment problems
  • Compulsive Eating, Emotional eating, and weight concerns
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Performance anxiety at the workplace.
  • Relationship issues
  • Infertility
Can I get treatment for Substance Addiction at myndwell?


How do I know when I should seek professional help?

You should consider seeking professional help if:

  • You have felt sad or worried, continuously, for longer than 2 weeks
  • Negative thoughts and feelings are starting to affect your ability to function normally in daily life
  • You are showing signs of depression like losing interest in your activities, feeling hopeless or unable to cope over a continued period of time
  • You feel anxious or worried most or all of the time
  • You have panic attacks or develop obsessions and compulsive behaviours
  • You feel like you want an unbiased safe space to share your thoughts
What happens in a typical session?

In a typical session, the client & the therapist will have a focused discussion on issues that the client addresses. The therapist will hand hold the client in identifying potential hurdles & determining coping strategies.

Is the information discussed in psychotherapy confidential?

We assure you and maintain utmost confidentiality in all our sessions.

Will I have to sit in a waiting room with other clients?

Not at all. The Psychological program at myndwell is available both online & offline (at specific city). Book appointments online and avoid waiting time.

How many therapy sessions are required for stress issues ?

We conduct an assessment to identify stress levels and thus determine the number of sessions required. Moderate to severe levels would require 4-8 sessions minimum.

What do I get to do after a session?

After a session, you would be given certain tasks to complete based on your chosen goals & the same would be discussed at the start of the next session.

How can I cancel or reschedule my consultation?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment anytime before 3 hours to the start of the scheduled session. It will not be applicable after the start of the session.

Will I get a reminder for my appointment?

You will receive a reminder notification a day before your appointment & also 30 minutes prior to your session.

How can I book my consultations?

You could call us @ tel:+91 63830 70263 or WhatsApp us. You could also email us @ info@myndwell.in

We will get in touch with you.