Happy Couple

Take this happiness test to find out how much happy you are!


My partner is supportive of the things I do.

The things that my partner does gives me great joy.

I enjoy spending time with my partner.

It's easy to talk to my partner when I have something on my mind.

My partner accepts me as I am.

My partner values my emotional expectations.

I feel safe when my partner is around.

We regularly express our love for each other.

I feel confident that we can deal with whatever problems or issues that might arise.

I feel appreciated for what I contribute to our relationship.

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Happy Couple


Way to go! You are setting valuable couple goals!

Trust is your mainstay. The sensitivity and respect you have for each other only strengthens your relationship. You have a good thing going by valuing and prioritising each other’s best interest.

Happy relationships! Happy Life!


You can do better! Recharge your emotional connect!

With the demands of a fast paced life, your relationship may be a bit too functional right now. Communicate more! It may be happiness or sadness or anything in between.

Reach out to a specialist for simple effective tweaks to strengthen your relationship.

Be there for each other!


Your favourite book seems to be ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus!’

You need to re-establish the foundation of your relationship. Wait no longer to reach out to a specialist to discover how to build mutual respect, iron out differences, and create a meaningful relationship.

There is no substitute for a relationship!

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